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Spud Webb Dominates Blackjack Tourney, Donates $5,000 to Charity

Spud Webb Dominates Blackjack Tourney, Donates $5,000 to Charity Spud Webb wiped the casino floor with a bunch of sports stars in a blackjack tourney Wednesday night -- but the best part ... all of his winnings are going to charity.  The ex-NBA star took on guys like Clinton Portis , Santana Moss , Ron Harper and Dr. J at the grand opening of the Live! Casino and Hotel in Maryland.  Webb was the last (and shortest) man standing when all the cards fell ... winning the $5,000 grand prize, which he donated to the Boys & Girls Club.  The whole thing was pretty cool ... and Dr. J even roasted his pal, Ron Harper, with a funny golf story.  Also ... and this is important (looking at you, Charles Oakley ) ... no one was arrested for trying to change their bet after losing a hand. 

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